How To Get Instantly Kissable Lips with Glasgow Lip Fillers


As you get older, lips start to lose volume and that sexy pout that you’re so proud of will slowly start to deflate.

And the signs of ageing start much sooner than you think; lips begin too thin from the age of 30 onwards!

Top clinic Glam Aesthetics Glasgow lip fillers, based in Glasgow, has some top tips that can help your lips to look full, beautiful and irresistibly kissable.

Break Out Your Brush

You may well be used to brushing your teeth every day but did you know that your toothbrush can also help to plump up your lips?

It’s a good idea to buy a new toothbrush for this, and choose one which is quite stiff and hard to the touch.

Cover your lips in a soft coating of balm or jelly and then using your new toothbrush, gently scrub in a circular motion. You want to do this hard enough to remove dead skin and to give your lips a bit of a tingle but not so hard that it hurts!

Continue for around two minutes and then wipe off any residual lip balm. The blood circulation to your lips will have received a temporary boost and you’ll find there’s a lot more va-va-voom to your pout than usual!

Pucker Up!

If you’ve ever taken a good look at musicians, you might have noticed that anyone who plays a wind instrument has beautiful big lips. This is because their lips get a regular workout and over time the muscles strengthen and swell.

To turn up the volume on your own lips, do some lip exercises every day. Whistling for 2-3 minutes is a good option or you could do some specific exercises just for the lips. These include alternating between a broad smile and a pucker, holding each position for around 5 seconds, and rotating your lips from side to side.

You might feel a bit daft but the beauty is that you can do these exercises while you’re in the shower so no-one need know!

Get a Lip Filler

There’s lots of ways to try and plump up your lips, but the only way to make a significant and lasting difference is to have a lip filler.

The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like, and a chat with the aesthetician first will make sure you get the perfect results. You can forget about complicated lip-lining techniques; once you’ve got your fillers done, your lips will look naturally soft and plump, giving a very youthful effect.

Pop in Today!

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