Driveway Cleaning Liverpool

Are you a Liverpool homeowner or business owner who has a need to repair or enhance your current driveway because of noticeable stains, gaps, or excessive weeds and algae?  If you answered yes, then surely you have come to the right place.

Driveway cleaning

Here at CC Drainage we provide top of the line driveway services to all our Liverpool clients.  Having been recognized in the marketplace and the industry for our quality services and products, as well as our exemplary customer service and customer satisfaction ratings, we continue to deliver both products and services that are unmatched in the marketplace.  We are committed and dedicated to providing all our Liverpool clients, whether residential or commercial, with services that not only enhance the appearance of their driveways but also enhance the overall value of their home or business.

Services you Can Depend On

 Using only state of the art equipment and some of the most innovative software and technology programs available on the market today, our highly trained and professional technicians strive to deliver services that are satisfying to our every client.  We here at CC Drainage are all about our customers and surely we give primary focus to the happiness and complete satisfaction of all our Liverpool clients.  For the absolute best in driveway cleaning Liverpool residents and business owners can always rely and depend upon the extraordinary services and teams here at CC Drainage.

Driveway cleaning Liverpool

Our Driveway Cleaning Services

Our effective and highly efficient driveway cleaning services afford homeowners and business owners with fully restored surfaces as well as complete enhancement to the appearance and overall durability of your driveway by way of our unique sealing treatments.  Using leading edge jet and high pressure washing techniques and procedures, property owners are assured of receiving the highest quality of services for their money.  Our specialized services remove all types of weeds, moss, stains, and unsightly algae, giving your driveway a whole new polished appearance.

Our driveway cleaning process consists of three effective and simple steps.  First, we pressure wash your residential or commercial driveway to remove all the unsightly stains, dirt and other elements from its surface and restoring your driveway to its original condition.  Secondly, we utilize our special sanding procedures to fill in any holes or extensive gaps that are present on the driveway surface.  Finally, we utilize specialized industrial chemicals, that are safe for the environment, to seal the driveway providing a beautiful, lasting finish for up to three years.  This process will protect the driveway surface from staining, weeds, and unsightly algae and will give your driveway the cleaned, polished look every homeowner or business owner wants.

If you are one of the many Liverpool homeowners or business owners who does not give favor to the unattractive, unsightly appearance of your worn out and weathered driveway, then the time is now to reach out to the highly skilled and experienced technicians here at C&C Drainage.  Known and recognized time and time again for our superior products, quality services, friendly teams, and affordable prices, we are confident that you will be 100% completely satisfied with our top of the line driveway cleaning services, each time, every time.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us today!

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What Shapes and Sizes Do Skips Come In?

Skips come in different shapes and sizes that are determined by the intended purpose. The same have become the most appropriate and convenient way of collecting wastes, especially in the current century. This is because; it provides a better way in which companies can sort what they can recycle. In this case, skips are differentiated in terms of their sizes and shapes. While some are enclosed and lockable, others are open. The size in most cases is measured in terms of cubic meters and therefore, the choice depends on the amount of waste that is generated and the hire price. For cheap skip hire, check out Hog Skip Hire.


Skips are categorized into six common types depending on its shape and size and include the Mini Skips, the Midi Skips, the Maxi Skips, the Builder Skips, Lockable Skips and the Roll-on Roll-off Skips. Based on the same categorization, the following are some of the few examples of Skips that come in different shapes and sizes:

2 Yard Skip

This is one of the smallest of all the Skips that and is only suitable for small amount of waste. It can be used in homes or any other purpose so long as it can hold all the waste generated. The size of this Skip is about twenty 25 bin bags and its dimension is 5 ft long x 4 width x 3 ft high.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 Yard Skip is just the extension of the 2 Yard Skip in terms of the size and shape. Otherwise, the design is just similar. It is open at the top and is thus good for small waste collection. The same is suitable to be used for all domestic purposes. When it comes to the measurements, its size is about 35 bin bags and the dimensions is (6 x 4 x 3)ft.


4 Yard Skip

This falls under the category of the Midi Skips and is also suitable for home use. At least, this can take up more waste as compared to the ones mentioned above. Similarly, the Skip features the same design with the 2 and 3 Yard skips. That is , it is an open skip but the differences comes with the size and the dimensions that is; it is about 45 bin bags in terms of size and measures (7 x 5 x 3)ft.

5 Yard Skip

The Skip is suitable for gardens and all other domestic use that includes kitchen and bathroom refits waste collection. The same Skip comes with an additional feature from that of the previous one and that is; it has got its drop door. It measures (7.5 x 5 x 3.5)ft and is about 55 bin bags in terms of size.

In summary, other types to just mention include the 6, 8, 10 all the way to 40 Yard Skips. The sizes increase accordingly for each and therefore, its use depends on with the size and shape of the Skip. For more information regarding good value skip hire, head over to Rubbish Removal Twitter Page and give them a tweet.

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Earth Cycle Action

Homeowners and business owners alike often find themselves in need of specialized demolition services and projects of all sizes and types. Demolition services can be remarkably costly and can make it difficult for individuals or businesses in Liverpool to choose the perfect demolition company for their specific needs. Earth Cycle Action is a highly reputable Liverpool demolition company that has earned its presence in the industry. Providing a wide range of demolition services including commercial strip outs, all types of industrial projects, specialized building demo projects, and a variety of other types of structural demolition, Earth Cycle Action is experienced, qualified and equipped to do it all. 


Possessing a high level of expertise and experience in environmental determination and remediation, as well as advanced engineering and even asset recovery the team of expert professionals at Earth Cycle Action are committed and dedicated to performing all demolition services with the utmost of safety in mind. Safety is truly at the top of the list for the company and their documented record of safe working environments for not only their employees but also the property owners and the overall general public are a true testament to this fact. The company maintains a large fleet of commercial and industrial equipment that includes cranes, excavators, and heavy transport trucks that they keep housed in their expansive maintenance facility and their team of experts is made up of certified and licensed operators, drivers, welders, mechanics, supervisors, and OSHA trained specialists. The line-up of company clients is expansive and includes developers, government bodies, publicly traded companies, residential owners, and privately held companies as well. The company prides itself on their timely and efficient execution of all demolition projects. 

A truly experienced demolition contractor that can also provide demolition services for manufacturing facilities, pulp mills, power plants, and chemical plants as well, their line-up of demolition capabilities is widespread. Earth Cycle Action has consistently proven themselves by operating and executing projects with a low incident safety record and an incredibly high on-time completion record of projects. Their team of licensed and certified demolition experts work closely with all types of construction firms as contractors to complete a wide range of demolition projects that include total demolition, specialized demo, environmental projects, strip outs, controlled demolition projects, site clearing, site excavation, and recycling projects.

With their advanced years of dependable service in the Liverpool and surrounding areas, Earth Cycle Action is one of the leading demolition companies in all the area. The company has been ranked highly as one of the most professional and successful industrial demolition contractors in all of Liverpool. Earth Cycle Action combines its experience, specialized equipment, technical expertise and all its modern OSHA safety techniques together to get the job done professionally and safety one project after another. All their demolition experts are fully licensed, certified, and insured and their services are rendered at very affordable prices. 

If you find yourself in need of residential, commercial, or industrial demolition services, then look no further than the true professional experts at Earth Cycle Action – the best all round demolition contractors in Liverpool. Put your demolition needs and your safety into the hands of one of the industry’s absolute best!! They also have a top class reclamation yard! So for anyone looking for a great Liverpool reclamation yard visit them today.

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TPC North Demolition Services

If you are a homeowner, a commercial property or industrial property owner who has a messy or complicated demolition project, then don’t waste excessive money and time trying to execute the project yourself. TPC North is a demolition services company that has all the tools and the experienced professional staff needed to remove unwanted buildings, concrete, structures and varied other materials quickly and effectively. Working with commercial, residential and industrial customers for several years on projects of all sizes and types, the highly reputable company has earned recognition in the industry as one of the most successful demolition services company in all of Manchester. 

Demolition Service

TPC North offers its clients fast service and turnaround times as well as very competitive prices. The company is fully insured and all its demolition specialists are fully licensed and certified in all types of demolition services and procedures. Also equipped to handle a wide range of environmental projects, TPC North is your go to company for any professional demolition, gutting of buildings, and even asbestos abatement projects.

The highly experienced and trained demolition experts at TPC North can perform a variety of demolition services including mass demolition of factories, power plants, and hospitals, commercial and residential dismantlement, specialized interior demolition, emergency response demolition and remediation, and environmental & hazardous identification to name a few.

The company maintains a complete fleet of commercial and industrial equipment including cranes, excavators, and heavy transport trucks that they keep housed in their expansive maintenance facility. Their experienced team of experts is comprised of certified operators, drivers, mechanics, welders, and professional demolition supervisors. Their extensive line-up of clients includes developers, federal, state and county governments, publicly traded companies, and privately held companies as well. 

In addition to their typical mass building demolition projects and interior selective demolitions, TPC North can also perform varied dismantlement’s and specialty demolition projects that include water tanks, smokestacks, and dismantling of other difficult buildings and structures. They can also work with hospitals, and chemical and drug facilities where controls for infectious disease and cleanliness are paramount to the projects and can also perform a wide range of remediation and emergency response services. 

A highly reputable Manchester demolition company, TPC North continues to be recognized in the industry for its high level of successfully executed mass demolition projects and their state of the art environmentally safe techniques and procedures. Their extraordinary staff of demolition experts are not only professional and highly skilled but friendly and courteous and their award-winning presence in the marketplace has earned them the title of number one demolition services company in all of Manchester. 

The company’s dedication and commitment to the professional and environmentally safe execution of all their demolition projects has been applauded time and time again by its many residential, commercial, and industrial clients. With a primary focus on achieving a 100% customer service rating in the industry, TPC North performs all work to industry and OSHA standards and utilizes only superior commercial and industrial equipment to perform and execute all their complex demolition projects. 

If you are a residential, commercial, or industrial property owner who has an emergency or standard need for a demolition project of any size, then reach out to the award-winning professionals at TPC North Demolition Services today and leave all your worries in the hands of the industry’s absolute best.

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